It is all wrapped up.

január 23, 2014 14:14 | Kategórie:

We did get our interconnect permission from Southern California Edison back in November. Fortunately it was retroactive to the end of September, so we have been getting credit for our contributions to the Net for a few months.

Then with the December bill came a notice from SCE of a rate change proposal. Basically what it said was the people not using very much electricity needed to pay more and those using lots of electricity needed to pay less. (Sort of like the California Gas tax. When people learned to conserve the revenue went down, so the taxes had to go up!)

Anyway, this proposed increase (for me) made the financial picture change. In particular it made the Time of Use rate tarrif atractive and made adding more panels financially attractive.


So there are now five more panels on the east roof. More visible than the others, but Susan says it is ok. She does not see them driving into the garage. Just when we take our walk around the block.