Starting Hole

StartingHoleAssignments program assists in setting up golf tournaments by automating the process of creating foursomes and assigning them starting tees.

Key features of the StartingHoleAssignments program:

  • Teams may be specified or the program can form them from the player list
  • Players (or teams) may be grouped into flights
  • Tee time and shotgun starts are supported
  • Complete control over what hole starts will be used
  • Override to assign specific players to specific holes
  • Up to five days of tournament play
  • Multiple day tournaments can be on different courses
  • For multiple day tournaments "equitable" starting assignments will be made for each day. (For instance, if a group started on the back nine on the first day, an attempt will be made to start it on the front nine the second day.)
  • Print lists for Tee Assignments and Flights
  • Print scorecards with handicap dots
  • Flexible scorecard layouts including:
    • Two sided cards
    • User supplied text
    • Pictures
    • Specifiable handicap modification formulas
    • Conditional items:
      • Pictures which display based on the flight or starting hole
      • Text based on the flight or starting hole

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